Hello, and welcome to the current home the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship’s blog! My name is Steve Masyada, and I am the director of the Center. As we work on improving our online presence and updating the usefulness, look, and feel of our website (floridacitizen.org), we will be integrating a blogging platform into the main site. Until that time however, this new WordPress site will serve as our blogging home on this thing they call the Web. Well, do the kids still call it that? Let’s pretend that they do! 

So what will this blog be about? Primarily, we will focus on civic education here. That is, we will consider ways in which we can improve the teaching of civics and the development of young citizens across the state of Florida. As such, topics can be pretty varied, including issues with assessment, a look at quality resources for teaching civics, content knowledge building for teachers and students, concerns of the day relating to both civic education and being a citizen in the United States and in Florida, and many other possibilities! 

Comments at this blog WILL be open, but they will also be moderated. We also encourage you, our reader, to contribute to the blog by submitting a guest post. Do you have good ideas for teaching civic education that you would like to share? Do you have news of an event relating to the development of good citizens that should be broadcast near and far? Then please let contact us, and we can get you on board as a guest blogger! Or we can blog it FOR you! Either way, we know that one element of being a good citizen is civic engagement, so please engage! 

Of course, we will also be referring you, our dear reader and civic educator (and aren’t we ALL civic educators, in the end?), to our true online home, floridacitizen.org. There, you will find many wonderful resources for teaching civics in Florida that address the benchmarks at most every grade level. Seventh grade teachers in particular should appreciate the lesson plans and tools that are provided at  http://floridacitizen.org/resources/middle; lessons for every benchmark are provided! 

So as we wrap up this introductory post, we here at the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship welcome you to our blogging home, and look forward to discussing civic education with you for a very long time. 

Our quote of the day: “The essence of Life is making sense out of Nonsense”-Dr. O.L. Davis, Jr. (and isn’t that in many ways what we have to do for our kids as we help them understand the elements of good citizenship and the issues of the day?)