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Well, we have another election coming up, and it is important that our students, as future voters, get some practice with voting! To this end, the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship invites you to use our free mock election site, available at http://floridastudentmockelection.com/. This site, open to all K-12 Florida teachers, is simple and easy to use. Simply register yourself in the system, including your school and the number of students that you will have participating. By including your school, the website will automatically determine which candidates will populate the ballot. For this election, students will be voting for governor and for a Congressional House candidate. You may also edit the ballot to include additional questions! The site allows for either online or paper voting, though you will have to enter the paper ballot results by hand. Following the election, you and your students will be able to view both class results and statewide results!
Voting will run from October 27th through November 4th, 2014. If you have any questions relating to the mock election site, please feel free to contact Steve Masyada at the FJCC at any time. He can be reached at 407-823-1146, or at stephen.masyada@ucf.edu. If you know a teacher who is not aware of the site, PLEASE share. We would love to see more elementary schools take part as well! We look forward to your participation, and thank you for the work that you do in developing the next generation of engaged citizens.