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As an organization, the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship is devoted to using whatever means available to address the needs of our students and our teachers in this state. Ultimately, our goal is to better prepare that next generation of citizens. One of the ways that we are expanding beyond our traditional PD model is to plan a ‘Civics Certificate’ program for pre-service social studies teachers. It is still in the planning stage, but this program will have four components:

1. Experiential Learning (partnering with a local government, participants will get some hands on civics and government experience)

2. Content background (improving the content knowledge beyond what is traditionally taught in undergrad social studies programs)

3. Civics Pedagogy (techniques for effective Civics instruction)

4. Assessment (means of both formative and summative assessment, as well as prep for the EOC)

In order to gain support at the university level for this sort of program, we need feedback from stakeholders about whether this is an area of interest. For those of you with involved in the hiring process within your schools, or connected with someone who is, completing this very short survey would be a huge help for us! Thanks so much, and please share with others! Questions about the survey, or comments about social studies and civics teacher education in Florida, can be directed to stephen.masyada@ucf.edu or left here on the blog!