One of the goals over the next year for the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship is to develop partnerships and collaborations with groups across that can assist our mission of providing teachers with the best professional development around civics education possible. One of these groups is the Ashbrook Center, which you may be familiar with through its popular Teaching American History website. At the present time, our friends at Ashbrook are seeking to expand their offerings and opportunities in Florida, and beginning in January, they will be providing FREE one day seminars in their ‘Rediscovering America’ program. These are offered across the state and address a variety of topics, some of which we can certainly connect to our civics benchmarks!

Part of Ashbrook’s new Rediscovering America program for teachers, our new One-Day Seminars for Florida social studies teachers provide an opportunity to explore themes in American history and self-government through the study of original historical documents. Not a just a lecture or a discussion of pedagogy, each seminar is designed as a conversation among peers in which classroom teachers are active participants in learning.

Participants will be sent a set of readings in advance of the session.

Each seminar is a full day-long experience. They are offered at no cost to the participant and are open to all Florida K-12 teachers in public, private, parochial, and charter schools. A light breakfast, refreshments, and lunch will be provided.

Visit the link to register for the session of your choice, and please feel free to share you experience with both our colleagues at Ashbrook and with me here! Questions about the seminars can be directed to Michelle Hubenschmidt, the Teacher Programs Manager, at mhubenschmidt@ashbrook.org.