As we wrap up the first semester, many of us are preparing our materials for the second half of the year and figuring out how we will teach our material when we are also facing the pressures of ELA and Math oriented assessments. This, despite the fact that we civics folks here in Florida have an assessment as well (and if you haven’t downloaded and reviewed the 7th Grade Civics EOCA item specifications book, you should do it now!).

Do you need a resource to help you plan your semester and provide your students with student friendly readings and benchmark reviews? What about sample items? Yes, you can find some of this material at the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship site, but the FJCC has partnered with Escambia County to create a great Civics Review site for both teachers and students! This site provides student friendly reading, vocabulary, games, videos, text, reviews, and other tools for preparing kids to pass the 7th grade Civics EOCA. I know that some teachers have used this site in a flipped classroom model, with students using the readings to prepare for the content of the class. I encourage you to explore the site and think about how you might use it in your classroom, and we would love to hear your thoughts about the site! And thank you, Escambia, for the great work that you have put into developing and maintaining it as a resource!