Hello, friends and colleagues! Deepest apologies for the delay in posting, but like you, we have quite enjoyed our recent holiday break and are getting back into the fun of the new semester! It is with great pleasure then that we share with you an upcoming opportunity for young scholars and engaged citizens both! While this is somewhat outside the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship‘s scope, it certainly is an area of relevance in that it gets to engagement, inquiry, and civic action as we see in both the C3 Framework and in Florida Civics Benchmarks, such as C.2.12 and C.2.13, among others!

The brightest young minds in Florida will gather in Gainesville on the weekend of Feb. 20-22 to discuss the modernization of voter registration in our state and to develop a comprehensive plan to address this issue.  Students will come together for a weekend of meaningful discussion and deliberation to develop and lobby for a viable solution to improve civic participation through online voter registration.

The Summit is sponsored by the Bob Graham Center for Public Service at UF and will take place from Friday evening to Sunday noon in Pugh Hall on the UF campus.  It will feature discussions with elected officials, seminars on voting accessibility from preeminent scholars and comprehensive education on advocacy in the state of Florida.

For more information please visit the Summit’s webpage at http://www.bobgrahamcenter.ufl.edu/futureoffloridasummit. To apply,  visit http://tinyurl.com/mrmhgr3

If you have questions, you can e-mail Dr. Sheila Dickison at doctord@ufl.edu

This is certainly a relevant topic for discussion, considering the current push in the state of Florida to revise election schedules and recent changes to laws relating to voting. I wonder, would new approaches to registration make a difference? This is a question that has been explored a great deal by our friends at the Bob Graham Center, and this summit looks to continue that conversation. Sign up now!