Anna from Newseum shares this great webinar opportunity!

Looking for new tech tools for your classroom? Resources on teaching effective civic engagement? Join @NewseumEd and AAUW for a free “Suffragists and Civics” webinar this Wednesday, Jan. 28 at 7:00 pm ET!

We’ll demonstrate the resources in Women, Their Rights and Nothing Less, our free NCSS-endorsed online module on the women’s suffrage movement that shows how leaders used their First Amendment’s five freedoms to secure women’s voting rights. The module includes:

  • an interactive timeline with detailed images and descriptions of nearly 300 historic front pages, photographs and artifacts
  • an interactive map of the United States pinpoints artifacts used to advocate for and against suffrage
  • a scrapbook tool embedded in the site where students can document their civic engagement  
  • nine standards-aligned lesson plans help students hone their historical inquiry, media literacy and civics action skills.
Then, participate in an interactive discussion of techniques and topics for student advocacy campaigns.
RSVP today! The first 50 teachers to register will receive a poster-size suffrage front page for the classroom.

Newseum always has some excellent material, so sign up now!