This just came across my desk, from the Library of Congress. If you are both civic-minded and pretty good with developing apps or games or interactive resources (or know someone who is), it may be of interest!

The Library of Congress today announced up to $950,000 will be provided to one or more grantees to support the development of engaging web- and mobile-based applications on the subjects of Congress and civic participation, for use in the classroom.

The Library seeks to identify one or more organizations who can work with its Teaching With Primary Sources (TPS) program develop online interactives and mobile apps on Congress and civic participation, designed for use in K-12 education. The selected partners will be expected to use and incorporate not only the Library’s online primary sources, but also the many other resources available online from the Library of Congress.

Those eligible to apply include public, private, not-for profit and for-profit organizations, including institutions of higher education, colleges, universities, cultural institutions, other educational organizations, and collaborative partnerships (such as an organization with content expertise paired with an organization possessing technological expertise), states, public or private agencies (including for-profit agencies), and Native American tribes and tribal organizations.

For more information, take a look at the press release. This is certainly something that we here at the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship are looking into as well! Personally, I see ways in which this could work with the C3 Framework as well!