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Given the recent changes and issues surrounding standardized assessments in Florida, especially those related to HB 7069, I felt that it is important to share information from a recent conference call between state district superintendents and Commissioner Stewart, as well as a memo sent by the Commissioner relating to district level evaluation systems.
  • there is no impact on the Civics and U.S. History statewide EOC’s in terms of administration and / or reporting of student results since these assessments are not a part of the Validity Study. Because these assessments are not part of the FSA tests that faced questions and have already had at least one successful year of implementation (depending on how you define ‘success’ of course), they will not be put on hold for validation.
  •     With the passage of HB 7069, the legislature has required an independent verification of the validity of the Florida Standards Assessments (FSA). Prior to the release of the validity study results, the legislature has placed limits on the release of student scores, focusing on what can be provided to districts regarding third grade and high school graduation requirements, as well as prohibiting the use of the assessment results for school grades and educator evaluation purposes. THIS HAS NO IMPACT ON THE CIVICS OR US HISTORY EOC.
  • Achievement level scores will be released for Civics, US History, and Biology at approximately the same time as last year since HB 7069 does not require their validation as they are not part of FSA. You can expect those EOC scores in June.
  • The requirement for EOCs to be 30% of the course grade is still in place for all statewide EOC (Biology, Civics, Geometry, US History, Algebra 1, and Algebra 2). Results for Biology, Civics, and US History will be sent at the regular time since they are based on the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS) and are not included in the validity study. The state is still working on a determination regarding Geometry, Algebra 1, and Algebra 2 since scores are not available yet.  There is nothing in the law that precludes districts from keeping evaluation systems as currently bargained or determined, even with the HB 7069 changes.

I hope that this helps address some of the confusion around the Civics EOC; ultimately, just keep doing the great teaching that you are doing…and remember the words of a great American dreamer.

bob dylan