Our friend and colleague, Ashley Palelis, is the social studies specialist at the Florida Department of Education. She is reaching out to US History and Civics teachers here in Florida to get some idea of which course benchmarks are most difficult to teach and to learn. Any feedback that you can provide here would be greatly appreciated! Here message is below, and her email is Ashley.Palelis@fldoe.org. This is the state asking its teachers their thoughts, so share them!! And, btw, we would love to hear this as well, for both US History and Civics, so feel free to CC me at Stephen.Masyada@ucf.edu..

I would like your input on the most difficult benchmarks for your teachers and students both in civics and high school U.S. history. Which benchmarks are hardest for your teachers to teach? Which benchmarks do your students struggle with the most?
If you are able, please send me a list of those benchmarks by Friday, June 19th. I would greatly appreciate your help! I know it may be difficult to ask your teachers during summer, but if you are able to get their input that would be great. Otherwise a list of what you have heard from them or benchmarks you know are struggles will work.