So, as you can see from the flyer above, the Florida Commission on the Status of Women is sponsoring an essay contest for all Florida students in grades 6-9. It’s a great opportunity for students to reflect on the role of women in the 21st century and what would make a women ‘Hall of Fame worthy’. A couple of interesting questions as well for students to consider:

Girls – It is 20 years in the future and you are being inducted into the Women’s Hall of Fame. Write about the accomplishments of your life and how you have made a difference to women and to society.
Boys – It is 20 years in the future and you are nominating a woman for induction into the Women’s Hall of Fame. Write about the accomplishments of her life and how she has made a difference to women and to society.

The top first grade essays (by grade level) will be read by the students when they are recognized in Tallahassee on the 3rd Annual Florida Woman’s Day in January.
Deadline for entry in November 13. You can find the essay packet here. Good luck! 🙂