Just Read, Florida! has decided to focus on civics this year, and are sponsoring a wonderful opportunity for schools and districts. In addition to a contest and in partnership with the Florida Lottery, Just Read, Florida! is taking the show on the road with the TOSS-UP Quiz Show tour. Just Read, Florida! will conduct a fun and exciting quiz show contest at schools around the state targeting middle school students and testing their mastery of the civics standards. Be sure to check out the Just Read, Florida! website for more information on the TOSS UP Quiz Show. The Florida Joint Center for Citizenship was involved in the crafting of the questions for the quiz show.

The Florida Department of Education’s Just Read, Florida! Office along with various educational partners are seeking project submissions created by elementary (grades K‐5), middle (grades 6‐8) and high schools (grades 9‐12) designed to promote good citizenship and enhance literacy in the state of Florida. The contest is being held in conjunction with “Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida! 2016” which will be January 25‐29, 2016.
The theme for the Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida! 2016 Literacy‐Civics School Service Project Contest is “Literacy Changes Our World”.

    -An organized literacy‐based service project involving students, teachers and
    surrounding community partners.
    -A goal of enhancing citizenship in students, reaching others and expanding their
    literacy skills.
    -Evidence of the project’s successful impact on the targeted audience which may
    include those in the school, neighborhood, community and beyond.
    -Evidence of creativity and/or innovation in the selection and implementation of
    the project.
    -Documentation and written summary of the focus, goals, challenges and
    successes of the project. This may be done through, but is not limited to,
    narratives, photos, video, recordings and data collection.
    -Project Mission Statement (500 words or less)
    -Release forms should be included for any participant involved in video, photos,
    recordings and data collection.
    -By submitting your works, you are releasing publication and talent presentation
    rights to the Florida Department of Education and are certifying that the work is
    free of copyright violations.
    -Only one submission per school per level served (elementary, middle, high
    school levels) is permitted.
    -Student participation is required.
    -Submissions should be faithful to the topic, “Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida!
    2016 – Literacy Changes Our World.”
  • Be sure to review the rubric for this project! 


  • Submissions may be emailed to CLW2015@fldoe.org or mailed to
    Florida Department of Education
    Just Read, Florida!
    325 West Gaines Street, Suite 1432
    Tallahassee, Fl. 32399
  •  Submissions must include the following and be submitted by December 11,
    o Documentation and written summary
    o Project mission statement
    o Release forms (Required for each student involved in video, photos,
    recordings and data collection
    o Completed application form
    -The first place winning school from the elementary, middle and high school
    levels will be awarded a $1,000 cash prize or gift card.
    -The second place winning school from the elementary, middle and high school
    levels will be awarded a $500 cash prize or gift card.
    -The third place winning school from the elementary, middle and high school
    levels will be awarded a $250 cash prize or gift card.
  • The Just Read, Florida! Office reserves the right to limit awards when the total number of submissions received for one category is below ten or if the quality of submissions does not meet the standard of excellence as stated in the requirements.
  • Please visit http://www.justreadflorida.com/ and select Celebrate Literacy Week,
    Florida! for more information on this contest and the exciting events and activities
    scheduled for the week. For questions or additional information, email CLW@fldoe.org or follow us on Twitter @EducationFL or by using #CLW2016.