I had the distinct pleasure today to attend, at the invitation of one of the district social studies specialists (Tara Tillmanshofer, a fine leader!) the new JRF! Civics oriented pop up quiz game, which occurred at Lakeland Highlands Middle School in Polk County.

Here, Hope Colle welcomes students to the show and reminds them of the importance of reading and of civics. Great point; you can’t be a completely engaged citizen without reading OR civics!


The wonderful principal of the school, Ms. Kendrick, instructed the students on what to expect and how to behave during the show.


One of the great civics teachers at the school, Mr. Winters, volunteered to be the emcee and read the questions to the students.


The show consisted of two rounds, with two teams of four students each in each round. Here, we see Team Plead the Fifth and Team Phoenix as they get ready.

Round 1 Teams

The kids really did do a fantastic job with the quiz show. It was refreshing to see some strong level of knowledge relating to what were not necessarily easy questions. And thanks are due to the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship’s own Dr. Terri Fine for crafting the questions for the show! Check out these kids dropping some knowledge bombs, for example:

In the next round, Team Civicians and Team Roboboxers (hey, they are middle school kids!) clashed in an epic battle that came down to the final question!

So how did they select the players for the show? According to Mr. Winter, they actually held their own civics quiz bowl last week, and the top scorers across each class were asked to participate in the show. And the work and effort that these kids and their teachers put in to this is obvious. Kudos to everyone involved. I hope that we here at the FJCC can continue to assist our friends across the state in this sort of thing, and it is wonderful to see that great passion for civics reflected in the work of the schools, teachers, and students! If you have questions or comments, or want to know when the pop up quiz show might be coming near you, contact Hope Colle or Ashley Palelis. You can also just send me a note!