Something personal on the blog here.

Dr. Randy Felton was a friend and somewhat of a mentor to me. He just recently retired as the Test Development Center’s social studies coordinator. This was basically a job he took to do a favor for the state of Florida and his colleagues in the social studies. He was an excellent state level social studies specialist, a classroom teacher, a district leader, and a visionary. I first met Randy when I worked on developing new world history standards almost ten years ago now. I had the pleasure of working with him on Florida’s US History assessment, writing items for Pearson and working with Randy through training and collaboration. I most recently had the opportunity to spend time with him during Civics EOC item review back in October, a fun but intense week of work. He was an incredible leader in the social studies here in Florida and such a pleasure and joy to work with, to know, and to yes, drink beer with (something we definitely had in common). He was a Seminole and a Navy guy, and I am a Gator and an Air Force vet, and yet we got along great and I learned a great deal from working with him. His loss will be felt. Deepest sympathy to his family and friends, both from me personally and from Doug, Peggy, Val, Terri, Elizabeth and everyone at the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship.

This link provides access to 200+ fabulous photos from an amazing life.