Here in Florida, one of the harder benchmarks to teach in Civics is SS.7.C.4.1: Differentiate concepts related to United States domestic and foreign policy. This particular benchmark has five clarifications, any one of which could be what the EOCA focuses on at the end of the year:

  • Students will recognize the difference between domestic and foreign
  • Students will identify issues that relate to U.S. domestic and foreign
  • Students will analyze the domestic implications of U.S. domestic and
    foreign policy.
  • Students will identify the goals and objectives of U.S. domestic and
    foreign policy.
  • Students will recognize the role of the U.S. State Department in
    foreign affairs

Thanks to the work of our own Peggy Renihan and our friend Alana Simmons in Bay, we have review, remediation, and instructional support materials that you might find useful as you approach this benchmark (or if you are outside of Florida and teaching similar concepts.


4.1 PPT capture

The Powerpoint provides an overview of the benchmark and its clarifications and engages students in reading strategies to explore the concepts and ideas while reinforcing content.

Click on C.4.1 to download the Powerpoint!

Warm-up, Reading, and Review Activities

One thing to remember about the Civics EOCA here in Florida is that much of the test requires students to read and interpret primary sources, and the requirements placed on item writers limits how much they can adapt the sources (in short, they pretty much cannot). So you want to make sure that you are providing your students with a number of opportunities to read and use complex texts. This is especially true for this difficult benchmark. Here are a number of texts that can be used in conjunction with the Powerpoint (or without it, if you are so inclined. The resources use a text coding approach to help students breakdown the readings.

Warm up and Carousel Reading

Newsela AA

You can access the Newsela version of the article for this activity here.

Benchmark Clarification One Reading Task (Recognize the difference between foreign and domestic policy)–adapted from iCivics materials integrated into FJCC lessons


Click on 4.1 BC1 SFR and Task to download this resource.

Benchmark Clarification Two Reading Task (Identify issues related to foreign and domestic policy)

Reading tools

Click on 4.1 BC2 SFR and Task to download this resource.

Benchmark Clarification Three Cartoon Task (Analyze the domestic implications of US foreign policy)

Cartoon Axctivity

Click on SS7C41 Analysis Activity Political Cartoon to download this resource.

I hope you find these useful. If you have any additional resources to share, please leave them in comments or shoot me an email!