As civics educators, we are always looking for ways in which we can encourage civic engagement on the part of our students. One of the most effective ways, based on surveys of teachers here in Florida , is to bring in members of the community, including government officials, to the classroom.

best impact

This data, from our own surveys of Florida civics classrooms, reflects the findings from at CIRCLE , Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools, and others, which emphasize the Six Proven Practices in civic learning.

In an effort to help civic teachers here in Florida, the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship is piloting a new effort to connect Florida social studies and civics teachers with local public officials. Currently, the program is available for teachers in Seminole and Orange Counties, but we want to eventually expand it further!

If you are a teacher from Seminole or Orange Counties, and would like a local government official to come talk to your class, no matter the grade level, simply follow the screenshots and directions below. Please keep in mind that you DO need to be a registered user on the free FJCC site to access the list of volunteers and we are still working on expanding the the communities in each of these counties. NOT ALL COMMUNITIES ARE ON THE LIST YET! If you don’t see yours here, send them a note to tell them you would like them to be on our list! 

How Do I Bring in a Public Official? A Walk Through

The first step is to log in to your FJCC account.

log in 1

Once you have logged in, scroll up to ‘Resources’ and click on ‘Invite a Public Official’.


Invite 1


You should notice that it has provided you with a prepopulated email that includes your own name and email address. It has also signed it for you! This draws from your registration information, so please be sure both your name and email are correct!

invite 2

You will then want to do a number of things. First, select your location and then the official you would like to bring in. Remember that this is at this point only for Seminole and Orange Counties, and we are still expanding communities in those counties! Then, adjust the email to specify your school, the topic, and how much time you would like them for, as indicated in the image below.

invite 3

Finally, click ‘Send Email’ and your request will be sent to the person you would like to come! We are working to expand options among officials in these two counties, as well as bringing other counties into the system. We are very excited about this! We hope you find it useful! Engaged students become engaged citizens!