Dear friends of the Lou Frey Institute and the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship,
We recently shared with you that the governor vetoed funding for our work in civic education.

Despite this setback, we remain fully committed to supporting you as you prepare the next generation of informed, responsible and engaged citizens.

That commitment means that all of our instructional resources at and will be supported and available for your use now and in the future.

In fact, over this summer we will continue developing videos for and host our next webinar to help you interpret your Civics End-of-Course Assessment scores. We intend to continue to develop resources and programs to support Florida’s students.

It is a key lesson in civics that determination and persistence are fundamentally important to success in the democratic process. We want you to know that we are determined to address the funding issues created by the governor’s veto and that we will persist until we are successful.

We have come a long way together. Scores are up across the state. Students are learning and the prospects for a stronger civic culture in Florida get better with every student you teach. We pledge to you that we will weather the storm and continue to support your critically important work.

Donations are now being accepted at We are grateful for any amount you can give to support and improve Florida’s civic health.

  • Senator Bob Graham
  • Congressman Lou Frey
  • Doug Dobson, Executive Director
  • Steve Masyada, Director, FJCC
  • Val McVey, Curriculum Director
  • Peggy Renihan, Regional Programs Coordinator
  • Chris Spinale, Action Civics Coordinator
  • Michael Barnhardt, Web Designer
  • Lucas Cross, Web Designer Assistant
  • Laura Stephenson, Assistant to the Executive Director
  • Shena Parks, Accounting Coordinator
  • Marcia Bexley, Program Coordinator
  • Terri Fine, UCF, Senior Fellow
  • Elizabeth Washington, UF, Senior Fellow
  • Michael Berson, USF, Senior Fellow
  • Jane Lo, FSU, Fellow