Friends, we are happy to share the good news of an upcoming conference held here at UCF. This is an annual event, and always has rich and engaging sessions led by experts and practitioners. I have had the great pleasure of knowing Dr. Heafner and her work, and I know the keynote will be excellent. Take a look at the post below, and be sure to visit the main SOURCES conference page for more information.


The Teaching with Primary Sources Program at the University of Central Florida (TPS-UCF) will be hosting the fourth annual SOURCES Conference at the University of Central Florida on Saturday, January 27, 2018.  The SOURCES Annual Conference is a free opportunity available to any educators interested in the utilization and integration of primary sources into K-12 teaching.  Presenters will focus on providing strategies for using primary sources to help K-12 students engage in learning, develop critical thinking skills, and build content knowledge.
Dr. Tina Heafner of the University of North Carolina, Charlotte and current Vice-President of the National Council for the Social Studies will provide the Keynote Presentation, To Relish the Story: Reading and Writing with Primary Sources.  In this session, Dr. Heafner will focus on the ways in which stories invite students into the content of primary sources and can generate a natural curiosity for reading and be leveraged as a framework for writing.
Additional session titles include the following:
  • Patriotism Through the American Flag as a Primary Source
  • Eagle Eye Citizen: Exploring Civics, History, and Primary Sources
  • Life Matters: A View of Child Labor in Mississippi
  • Using Local Crime and Delinquency as a Teaching Tool
  • Teaching English Learners Using Primary Sources
  • Hollywood or History? An Inquiry-Based Strategy for Using Film to Teach about Primary Sources at the Elementary Level
  • Strategies for Successful Socratic Seminars
  • The Experiment Called The Constitution
  • Teaching African American History and the Ongoing Struggle for Civil Rights
  • Benjamin Franklin: Sourcing the Legacy
  • Using Photographs in Elementary Social Studies: Strategies that Promote Perspective Recognition
  • Through the Eyes of the Observers: Social Studies Teacher Candidates Analyzing Primary Sources
  • Using LOC Classroom-Ready Lesson Plans to Develop AP Readiness
  • Contextualizing Equality: Founding Fathers and Founding Principles
  • Visual Literacy: Analyzing Images
  • Back to the Future: Investigating the Impact of Military Attacks on American Soil and the Reaction of American Citizens
  • Perspective Comparison Study Lesson on Slave Narratives in the North and South
  • Information Literacy
  • Teaching the Arab-Israeli Conflict and Peace Process
  • The Loyal Japanese-Americans at Manzanar: Using Dorothea Lange’s and Ansel Adams’s Photography to Teach About Intolerance
  • Cherry Picking the Truth About George Washington: Good Manners, Bad Teeth, & A Powdered Ponytail
  • Interrogating Immigration: Using the Past to Investigate the Present
  • DBQuest 2.0: iCivics’ Hot New DBQ Tool
  • Teaching Folk & Popular Culture: Enriching World Cultural & AP Human Geography Courses with Classroom-Ready Lesson Plans
  • Teaching World History with Primary Sources
Registration is free and is open for the SOURCES Annual Conference.  Register now: