Hello friends! Don’t forget, the annual Florida Council for the Social Studies Conference is coming soon, and you can register here! The conference features two quality keynote speakers (one Saturday and one Sunday) and you can expect some excellent opportunities for networking. And let’s highlight some potential sessions of interest across content areas and grade levels. I’ll be sharing some of these highlights in the lead up to the conference, which is October 19-21, 2018.

October 19th, 2018
5:30 PM – 7:00 PM
Conference Opening Reception

FCSS_Conference2018 (1)
It’s time to have some fun and meet some colleagues! Join FCSS and the conference sponsors at the opening reception, and wear something that represents key events, people, social, or cultural aspects of the Sunshine State! Your modest bloghost will be there, likely in one of the many Disney shirts his wife insists on buying him. Because what represents Florida more than Disney? (Actually, a whole lot more does).

October 20th, 2018
Concurrent Session 1
Time for Social Studies? Maximize Elementary Social Studies Curriculum with Literature
Melissa Parks, Stetson University

Explore some useful and engaging new texts for teaching elementary social studies! But, hey, speaking from experience, older kids can get some much out of elementary literature as well, so if you are a secondary teacher, you could find this session engaging as well. I attended it at another conference and it was fantastic! 

The Experiment called the Constitution
Carol LaValle and Tammara Purdin, Teaching Primary Sources Program at UCF

Let’s play with some documents! Take a look at the personal notes of Hamilton, Washington, Jefferson, and others, and learn about the personal side to that great document of ours, the Constitution!

Gender Play: Enacting Women’s Experiences in the Social Studies Curriculum
Andrea Watson-Canning, University of South Florida
Did you know that FCSS is one of the only state-level councils with its own College and University Faculty Assembly, made up of college level social studies professionals and researchers from across the state? So you can expect some excellent research-based sessions at the conference, and this is one of them! How do we integrate women into the social studies curriculum effectively, without it simply being shoehorned in poorly? 

Concurrent Session 2
Activating Student Mastery with No-Cost Real World Resources
Bhumi Patel, Everfi
Kimberly Garton, Brevard Public Schools
Everybody likes free stuff, right? And this is great free stuff that will help support social studies instruction across a variety of content areas! 

Expressing Civic Identity: Student Voices from a U.S. Government Classroom
Sarah M. Mead, University of South Florida

Another interesting CUFA session! In this, the presenter will explore the ways in which students perceive their government class in relation to their own developing civic identities. Considering U.S. government is likely their last social studies class before they get the right to vote, this is a very interesting consideration of how civic identity is shaped and impacted by instruction. 

Under the Rainbow: Exploring Global LGBTQ+ Issues
Katty Francis, USF, Leto High School
Cristina Viera, University of South Florida
This session is oriented towards project-based learning, always a high-demand focus in social studies. More importantly, it considers ways in which we can integrate issues relating to the LGBTQ+ community into Civics and U.S. Government, especially important as we think about the changing nature of our classrooms and the climate of the nation. 

Concurrent Session 3
Personal Finance for the Next Generation
Brett Burkey, Florida Council on Economic Education
How about some free resources for teaching personal financial literacy? Yup, you will find them here, including dozens of free lesson plans!

The State of the Assessment: The US History EOCA
Dr. Stacy Skinner, Test Development Center, Florida Department of Education
Lots of folks involved in test development and review
So, what’s going on with the state assessment for US History? Learn from the person that is in charge of putting it together!

Sikhs in America-Immigration, Challenges, and Achievements
Pritpal Kaur, Sikh Coalition
Learn more about the Sikh community and the role they have played in securing rights for immigrant communities. This is an undertaught but important area that we can integrate into our instruction on immigration and civil rights!

These are just a few of the sessions you will find at FCSS in October! In later posts, we’ll highlight concurrent sessions four and five and continue to explore some interesting sessions across the weekend! Be sure to register for the conference here.