Good afternoon friends! Another day, another chance to highlight some interesting sessions at FCSS this October. Be sure to register here, and join your colleagues for what will be an excellent weekend! Now, on to some highlights!

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Well, of course we have the Friday night reception and the Saturday and Sunday keynotes, so you will definitely want to check those out! But what about some other interesting sessions?

Saturday Morning, October 20
8:00 AM Session
Mentor Session
Scott Kaplan, Pinellas County Schools

Are you a new or beginning social studies teacher? This session, sponsored by the FCSS Endowment and led by the excellent Scott Kaplan, will connect you with experienced educators and provide valuable insights into teaching social studies in a variety of classrooms.

Concurrent Session 1
Student Curriculum Relevance and Historical Relationships from Past to Present
Glen Wolff, Cypress Bay High School

How can we connect historical topics with present day events? How can we help our kids become critical thinkers and writers about past, present, and future? These sorts of questions will be addressed in this session! 

Civics and the Social Goals of Holocaust Education
Mitchell Bloomer, Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida


Looking for some good standards-based civics lessons featuring Holocaust education content? Then check this session out. See how they can be applied in the classroom, and get some ready to go resources!

Concurrent Session 3
Lessons in Character Education Found in Modern Media Formats
Kelsey Evans, Brian Furgione, and Allison Sheridan, University of Central Florida
This CUFA session considers how PBS programming, and media like it, contribute to the teaching of character education and the ways in which the messages in the media are perceived by families and kids. Certainly sounds like an interesting look at the ways we interpret the meanings behind what we watch and listen to and say.

Concurrent Session 5
The Imperative of Courage and Compassion in Combating the Holocaust
Bozena U. Zaremba, Jan Karski Educational Foundation

I am a huge fan of graphic novels, and this session will share with participants a graphic novel concerning courage and compassion, and the importance of engaging with, not running from, evil. Definitely one to check out. 

Be sure to register here, and join your colleagues for what will be an excellent weekend!