Are you familiar with CONAN, or the Constitution Annotated, provided by the Congressional Research Service? If not, why not? It is, in technical terms, simply a fantastic resource and we at FJCC cannot recommend it enough. It contains legal analysis and interpretation of the Constitution based primarily on US Supreme Court case law, and is consistently updated.
Folks at the Congressional Research Service are working with a group of graduate students on new tools and applications for CONAN, and they are looking for YOUR help. They would like to interview K-12 educators to get a better understanding of if or how they might like to use the Constitution Annotated in the classroom. This is a chance for YOU to help develop resources and tools that can help both your students and your colleagues in civics and government.
If you know a teacher who teaches civics or government, at any level, please contact Natalie Buda Smith at She would love to hear from you and arrange a conversation and get your insight!