Good afternoon, friends. The 2018 NCSS Conference is now in the books, and it was an excellent opportunity to learn, network, collaborate, plan, and grow for those passionate about social studies. Happily, civics was a significant focus of the conference (perhaps no surprise considering it was in Chicago, Illinois, which has seen a rebirth of advocacy for civic education!) Over the next couple of days, we will share some highlights of the conference that we had the opportunity to attend, or were attended by others to rave reviews.

The Girl Scouts and the C3 Framework: Journey Taking Action Projects

I had the great pleasure to attend a session that featured a wonderful group of folks. It was exciting to meet Sylvia Acevedo, CEO of the Girls Scouts, and to hear from Geraldine Stevens, the troop leader of Troop 41369 out of Des Plaines, Illinois. She spoke about how the journey projects her troop have engaged in reflected key aspects across all four dimensions of the C3 Framework. It was an exciting and interesting session, and hearing both the troop leader and her incredibly accomplished Girl Scout daughter and troop member discuss ways in which they had engaged in action civics and used the approach seen in the C3 Framework to frame and guide their projects was exciting!