jfk library foundation ad inthe washington post - january 7 2018

Friends, now more than ever, we need courage in civic and political life. And so many years ago, President Kennedy shared with is some Profiles in Courage. It is time, friends, to see more profiles, see more courage. Do you know anyone in civic or political life that deserves recognition for their courage?

One of the programs the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation recently launched is their online efforts to promote the bipartisan call for nominations for the 2019 Profile in Courage Award, which honors elected officials of both parties who take a stand for the greater good, despite the consequences. Political courage couldn’t be more important today. Here is further information on this award. https://www.jfklibrary.org/events-and-awards/profile-in-courage-award . Can you help them make this happen through your own social media? Your participation and active posting will help more people take the time to think about what political courage means today and may lead them to discovering the next honoree.

Please see below for click-to-tweet options. When you click the link you can still edit the text. Make it fit your unique voice.  They are seeking nominations through January 30, 2019.

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Nominations for the @JFKLibrary’s 2019 Profile in Courage Award are open: Join me by nominating an elected leader—at any level of government–to be the recipient. It takes only a few minutes! Here’s the link: ProfileInCourageAward.org

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What does courage look like in your community? Join me in nominating an elected official for @JFKLibrary Foundation’s 2019 #ProfileInCourage award now. It takes just a minute: ProfileInCourageAward.org

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What defines courage? For me, it’s someone willing to do something they deem for the greater good without thinking about the penalties. It’s somebody who is not worried about losing a reelection or disappointing their base. What’s your definition? Nominate an elected leader who fits it. ProfileInCourageAward.org

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