Check out the National Constitution Center’s biographies of the Founding Fathers!

It’s Founders Month here in Florida! According to the Florida Department of Education,

Section (s.) 683.1455, Florida Statutes (F.S.), designates the month of September as American Founders‘ Month and s. 1003.421, F.S., recognizes the last full week of classes in September in public schools as Celebrate Freedom Week.

So what does this mean for our schools and kids and teachers? Basically, it’s time to do some learning about the men and women who have helped shape this state and this country. Here on our Florida Citizens blog, we’ll be doing at least two posts a week with a brief overview of a particular Founder, Framer, thinker, or shaper of this state or this nation and how they made an impact.

Sept 3 or 4 Washington

George Washington is perhaps the one Founding Father that most people, both here and abroad, may recognize by both name and image. From his placement on the one dollar bill and the quarter, to his name on numerous cities throughout the United States as well as our architecturally rich capital, Washington is everywhere. There is so much we could say about our first president, from his precedent-setting time as our First Citizen to his (varied) success as a military leader to his mixed feelings about slavery. Today, we bring you this link to Mount Vernon, on the life, legacy, and character of our first president.

You can download the PowerPoint slide on Washington here: George Washington. 

Our next post will discuss one of the first American feminists and a great patriot, Mercy Otis Warren. Watch this space for more!

And don’t forget to check out the resources provided by the Civics Renewal Network for more wonderful stuff for American Founders’ Month!