Good afternoon, friends. This post is simply a compilation of resources that can be used to teach about concepts, ideas, actions, or anything else connected to the events of 06 January 2021. We will add to these over time.

Civics in Real Life
Controlling the Chambers
Inching Towards Inauguration
Presidential Transition
The Electoral College
Civil Disobedience
The First Amendment
The Consent of the Governed

Resources on the Foundations of Democracy (from AFT)
Peaceful Transitions (from Bill of Rights Institute)
Resources from the National Constitution Center

Lesson Plan: Reactions to the January 6 Attacks on the U.S. Capitol
Lesson Plan: The History of Contested Presidential Elections 
 Lesson Plan: Learning from Previous Presidential Transitions
Video Clip: Electoral Count Interrupted as Mob Enters Capitol
Video Clip: Majority Leader McConnell (R-KY) on Electoral Count Vote  
Video Clip: The Process for Counting Electoral Votes in Congress

How to Have a Civil Civic Conversation (from Constituting America)

Responding to the Insurrection (from Facing History)

Multiple Resources Collected from #sschat