And today we take a look at some more interesting sessions! Be sure to check out other previews here and here.

Session Title:  Founders and Finance: Teaching Hamilton, Jefferson, Franklin, Economics & Personal Finance

Participants learn about a series of videos teaching about banking through the eyes and words of 3 influential founders: Hamilton, Jefferson, and Franklin. New, original videos and lessons are included.

Session TitleWhy and How to Teach Religion in the Classroom

Teaching students about religion is essential for understanding history and for building understanding in our diverse society, but often teachers are reluctant. This session will provide teachers with the evidence and confidence to tackle this sometimes-controversial topic.

Session TitleCivics in Real Life: Resources for Virtual Instruction

Some of the most difficult classroom topics for educators to address are current events. How do we approach this news in a way that connects to our content while also allowing opportunities for both discussion and engagement? Participants will have the opportunity to engage with conference sponsor The Lou Frey Institute/FJCC’s new Civics in Real Life resource.

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