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Session: Don’t Make Me Repeat Myself: Teaching Contextualization to Effect Change

This presentation uses primary sources and pedagogy to inform and inspire discourse about history. Using historical thinking skills, participants will experience how to perceive the past through a contextual lens to broaden perspective and effect change.

Session: Transforming History Curriculum by Integrating Diverse Voices of America’s Past

Engage with strategies to integrate primary and secondary sources representing diverse voices in American History, leveraging library databases.

Session: Grounded in the local: Rediscovering African-American History

During this session, Newsela will demonstrate the importance of using local experts and resources in your social studies courses – specifically, African-American History. Florida has a complex story to tell regarding African-American History, and that story should be told through the use of local historical resources and primary sources, to make the content come to life for students.

Session: Building Support Networks for Advanced Placement Teachers in Florida

Session for AP Teachers interested in participating in a support, sharing, leadership and communication network among AP teachers in social studies throughout the state. Teaching strategies will be discussed.

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