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Following a historic night in which a woman for the first time accepted the nomination of a major political party for President of the United States (NOTE: FJCC TAKES NO POSITION ON CANDIDATES), I just want to share with you two relevant lessons we have in our new Students Investigating Primary Sources series. One is targeting US History and the other targets US Government and are aligned to Florida benchmarks (though you can adapt them for your use!); both use a very interesting resource.

womens suffrage lesson

The letter included in each short lesson argues against the 19th Amendment from the perspective of women, and students are asked to really interrogate the document, or portions of the document, in different ways within each course.

Please keep in mind that these are NOT intended to be deep explorations of issues, government, or historical topics; rather, these are essentially mini-lessons that introduce students to both a primary source and a historical or government-related topic within a 15-25 minute time frame. It’s a chance, essentially, to let them build their understanding and use of primary sources and relevant skills around them. And these two lessons are perfect, I think, during this historic election season!

You can find the lesson centered around US History benchmarks here, and the lesson centered around US Government benchmarks here.

And if you are interested in how American women have fought long for the right to vote, visit the National Women’s History Museum!