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On Friday, 05 December 2014, the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship was pleased to host a webinar on behalf of our friends from iCivics. This webinar, led by Alison Atwater and Erin Lewis, discussed the new national and statewide support network established by iCivics for teachers using their materials. The heart of the webinar, however, introduced participants to the new Drafting Board 2.0. Drafting Board 2.0 is a brand new argumentative writing tool that helps students learn the elements involved in crafting, and refuting, a strong argument. Click on the embedded links above to go to the iCivics page, and be sure to view the Webinar below. Questions or comments can be directed to stephen.masyada@ucf.edu, alison.atwater@iCivics.org, or erin.lewis@iCivics.org.