Good morning, friends! As a reminder, don’t forget to register for the upcoming Florida Council for the Social Studies virtual conference! Today’s post highlights some of the excellent sessions you will have the opportunity to attend.

Session Title:  A Fresh Perspective: Finding Sunshine in Dark Times

Traditional history curricula have a scope and sequence that seems focused on conflict. This session challenges participants to extend that learning-yes, there has been conflict through time, but what about collective advocacy? What about civic responsibility? What about the quiet heroes who fearlessly made choices to move the greater good forward? Those stories should be braided in to mainstream instruction in order to inform students that advocacy and action are not new cultural ideologies but rather stable qualities that have been a part of our human story.

Session Title:  306:  African-American History: A Digital Resource/BINAH: Antisemitism Prevention and Holocaust Education

Learn about 306: African-American History a digital resource to teach about the influences and contributions in science, academia, music, and the arts as core contributions of American life. This resource is provide cost-free through the EVERFI portal in partnership with the Florida African-American History Task Force. 

Learn about BINAH: Building Insights to Navigate Antisemitism & Hate a digital resource to help address and teach about Antisemitism and the Holocaust provided cost-free from The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and EVERFI.

Session TitleCovid’s Economic Impact and the Government’s Response

Learn about two lessons in a package of seven on the economic crisis brought on by Covid-19 and the Government’s response to the dramatic dive in national output that resulted.  The lessons answer questions like: Why hasn’t the economic impact been felt equally?  What are the different roles of the federal and state governments?  What are the long-term implications of the response on the national debt?  This session will provide a survey of these lessons, highlighting the topical relevance and the formatting features that fit into any teaching circumstance.  They will be supported by an array of interactive resources that teachers will be excited about.  These lessons will be available on EconEdlink in early 2021 and this presentation will be the first time teachers statewide will get a preview.

We will highlight more sessions later this week. Remember that our theme for this virtual conference is

Please be sure to register and join us, and be sure to check out this preview of our two fantastic keynote speakers as well!