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Session Title:  Egrets, Economics and the Environment: The Case of Killer Hats

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Historia/Shutterstock (9810335a) Selection of Charming Tegal Hats For Summer 1909. Advert in ‘The Throne and Country’ 29 May 1909, Page 461 Advert For Swan & Edgar’s Women’s Hats 1909

In the early 20th century, a pound of bird feathers was worth more than an ounce of gold. Birds such as egrets and blue herons, many inhabiting the Everglades, were almost driven to extinction due to the demand of the millinery trade. Participants will learn about the women’s crusade against “killer hats” and how Florida stood at the forefront of the movement creating the Audubon society, America’s first national wildlife refuge (located in Florida), and the landmark law protecting bird species today. Classroom ready ideas that will be shared will include cartoon and photograph analysis and how to view environmental issues through the tools of economics and primary source documents

Session Title:  Living Through Hell:  Making Bold Trouble

The presentation will focus on the true story of Jan Karski, a member of the Polish Underground during World War II, who—with his eyewitness reports—alerted the West about the ongoing slaughter of the Polish Jews in Nazi-occupied Poland. The presentation will utilize the award-winning graphic novel “Karski’s Mission to Stop the Holocaust” to illustrate important points.

Session Title: Still Here: Black History through Contemporary Art

Art by Emory Douglas (

Showcasing and juxtaposing the works of three African Americans, history will come alive with photos from the Civil Rights era, posters from the Blank Panther movement, and visual art from contemporary society.

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