Our good friend, Dr. Charles Flanagan of the National Archives, has asked us to share this update concerning their fantastic Bill of Rights app!

BOR app

The PDF version of our mobile app Congress Creates the Bill of Rights is now available on our website.

The Center for Legislative Archives in the National Archives holds special treasures from the First Congress that show how the ratification of the Constitution necessitated the creation of the Bill of Rights, and how the creation of the Bill of Rights, in turn, completed the Constitution. The remarkable story of the relationship between two of our Charters of Freedom is told in Congress Creates the Bill of Rights.

The PDF version contains all the content of the app in a format and file size that can be easily printed or downloaded on a wide variety of devices.

The PDF is divided into four sections:

  • Get the Background (Part I) presents the historical context for creating the Bill of Rights.
  • Go Inside the First Congress (Part II, A) shows the leading people, issues, and actions of the House and Senate.
  • Amendments in Process (Part II, B) presents a detailed examination of the evolving text of each House-passed article from the state conventions to state ratification as constitutional amendments or failure to be ratified.
  • Join the Debate (Part III) presents opportunities for participation and reflection as well as links to related online resources.

The free mobile app is available in iTunes.

The App itself is just awesome, and I cannot recommend it enough!